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St. Luke’s building is closed for all activities and gatherings for the remainder of the Michigan’s stay-at-home executive order.  We are all having to make adjustments.  Schools are closed and now restaurants are closing to on-site dining.  I think it is important that we continue to learn and study just as we would do if we could gather together on Sunday morning.  We will be posting weekly lessons that would have had taught in our children’s classes each week.  There will be a written lesson that children can read or you can read to them, as well as some activities just like we would have have each week.  I will leave it up to each family how they choose to use this information.

If we are patient and diligent in taking the precautions as presented by the authorities, we will get through this.  If you have any questions or just want to talk, please feel comfortable contacting me.

Gloria Gonzales
St. Luke’s UMC Christian Education Department
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Essexville, MI 48732